Sanctification Sucks, but it leads to the meaning of life ‼️🫂❤️ Sanctification Sucks, but it leads to the meaning of life ‼️🫂❤️

Sanctification Sucks, but it leads to the meaning of life‼️🫂❤️


James 4:7 – “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

How to apply this Bible Verse to life today! ✅

You could pretty much sum up Christian life with this single Bible Verse. Submit yourselves then to God. Submit everything to God, be willing to live by Gods plans not your own. Be willing to live by what Gods Word says rather than your own understanding. Be willing to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit for God to do His work through you so you may be a blessing to others.

Turn to God for everything, seek a relationship with Him and pray to Him.

Lastly if we resist the devil he will flee from us. In the Bible it says for now the world belongs to satan and so do the messages in the world so God asks us to stay away from worldly things.

Stay away from everything worldly, movies, music, content, worldly ambitions. Surround yourself with Christian content or Godly content or at the very least stay away from anything normalizing sin or worldly things.

Of course stay away from sin also, as much as you can, none of us will ever be perfect. Repent for your sins daily.

Keep seeking God and you will always be on the right path in life.

Sanctification Sucks, but it leads to the meaning of life‼️🫂❤️

Being a Christian has so many positives, feeling Gods love, feeling connected to the Holy Spirit, all the encouraging Bible Verses that God is leading us to prosperity and will be faithful to complete any good work in us. Being a Christian is a beautiful experience.

But… being a Christian is not always easy. There are hard things about being a Christian too. Like constantly being vigilant and not slipping up or slipping back into worldly things or chasing worldly things. Always being vigilant of wolves in sheep’s clothing or anything trying to throw us off path.

Even sharing the Gospel is not always easy, we as Christians get backlash for it, mocking, sometimes it’s just down right hard to have the courage to bring up God to an unbeliever.

One of the hardest parts of being a Christian though is sanctification. Sanctification is an ongoing process through our walk with God. Sanctification is the process of being made holy. Holy means devoted to God.

I recently went through a sanctification process where God was showing me my sins and how I have hurt people. Let me tell you, this was a humbling experience. It’s very easy for us to think about how people have hurt us, think of how can they do that, how can they hurt me like that, how can they not be sorry. But let me tell you, when God shows you your sins and how you have hurt people it’s humbling because we have all hurt others. None of us are free from sin and all sin causes suffering, not just for ourselves but others.

Why would God do this? Why does God put us through sanctification? It’s to grow. God will constantly grow you, turn your weaknesses into strengths, show you your flaws to keep you humble, to strengthen your faith. Most importantly to remind you the entire walk with God and sanctification is not about you.

God tells us to DENY OURSELVES daily and pick up our cross. The point of sanctification is to grow you to become a vessel for Gods work where your life, your goal, your purpose, your assignment isn’t about you but about how you can be a blessing to others. How you can lead others to God’s Kingdom.

What better purpose is there in life than helping your fellow human being. There’s only thing that can heal everyone, guide everyone, fulfill everyone and that’s God’s love. So once we know we have God’s love what better purpose is there in life than helping your fellow human beings find God’s love too.


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